Possible Issues That May Affect Your Plumbing System

When to Call a Drain Service Provider

Everyone has had the unpleasant experience of a clogged up sink or toilet. Many people usually attempt using a plunger or one of those snakes purchased at a local hardware store. You probably already know that such tasks can be very inconvenient and complicated.

Some people might try it the “Do It Yourself” way instead of consulting with a drain service professional, and rent an auger to run through their house piping system. Sounds pretty simple, right? However, that may not be the entire issue. If you have direct access to your drain line, that is good, but there is more than a few things that can make the whole situation quite more complex.

100529692In most cases, your pipes can get clogged for one of two main reasons. The first one is a large object that impedes the water from flowing through properly. The second is the possibility of a collection of objects that have been flushed down the toilet or tree roots penetrating the drain pipe. If it is the first reason – you will not have serious problems, but if the issues are caused by the trees – then the situation gets much more complicated.

If by any chance this is your case, do not wait a minute longer and call a drain service provider right away. This is a job that involves a lot of professional equipment and an expert’s touch. If you try using the auger, you might further damage the pipe and complicate things even more. Every homeowner is responsible for their pipes to the point where it connects to the public service utility.

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